Fashion Fix #2.

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Kpop fashion #1.

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Too bad. Having the most stylish ubersexual boysbands on the planet didn’t help both Korea’s capital cities to make it in this year’s Fashion Capitals ‘ranking. Hopefully, it won’t stop the members of Super Junior, BEAST and other groups to go crazy with their everyday outfits or album cover photoshoots.

Today: Super Junior’s “Mr Simple” album photoshoot.

Sporting a laminated trench coat from this season’s Burberry Prorsum, Siwon from Super Junior looks here, ready for rainy days, while his colleague Kyuhyun would make the sun die of self-explosion with this bunch of extra-bright colours and crazy prints ( including some leopard print on a SS11 Givenchy female vest. ).

Albino-haired Eunhyuk from SuperJunior chose some french fashion; A full insanely red outfit by Dior Homme topped with a Chanel tiara from the 2011 prefall collection. Meanwhile fellow member of Suju Heechul prefered to go for british fashion with an outstanding jaguar mink fur cap by Burberry Prorsum.

Love how this photoshoot for their latest album is worth a hundred fashion editorials.

FashionFix #1

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Random: Sebastien Sauve for Clash Magazine / Jake Cooper for Fiasco Magazine / Alexander Beck for Adidas SLVR / Rob Evans for Schon Magazine

It’s Britney, bitch!

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T-shirts dégoutants, crane rasé, cocktail cigarette-redbull-perruque rose et autres tubes phénoménaux; Mesdames et messieurs, puis-je vous présenter mon nouveau blog tumblr préféré: ou les vestiges des années délurées 2007/2008 d’une des plus grandes icônes pop.

Stained tees, shaved heads, cigarette-redbull-pink wig cocktail and some incredible songs; Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to my new favorite tumblr blog: or the remains of one of the most iconic popstars’crazy years.

Mila Kunis.

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( left to right: Outfits by Givenchy par Riccardo Tisci, Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang, Lanvin )

Révélée par ses pirouettes de danseuse étoile dans “Black Swan”, l’actrice d’origine ukrainienne Mila Kunis virevolte aisément en robes couture lors de ses apparitions publiques. Poupée stylisée en Givenchy lors d’une énième cérémonie bidon américaine, arborant une fantastique robe impression carapace de tatou des sables, elle est au finale plus sexy en total look noir ( En Monique Lhuillier pour un gala hollywoodien ou en Vera Wang pour l’ouverture d’une boutique ). Et depuis qu’elle est apparue en robe satinée rose pale Lanvin lors de la promo de son nouveau film, on peut affirmer qu’une nouvelle icône mode est née.

Revealed by her ballerina’s pirouettes in the world acclaimed “Black Swan”, the Ukraine-born actress Mila Kunis spins easily in designer dresses during her public appearances. Even though the stylized doll looked fantastic during another useless US award show, sporting an amazing armadillo-printed dress by Givenchy, she looks way more sexy in all-black outfits ( wearing Monique Lhuillier for a Hollywood gala, or Vera Wang for some store opening. ). And since the day she appeared in a silky rose beige Lanvin mini-dress while promoting her new movie, we can affirm a new fashion icon is born.


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Givenchy’s orgasmic extravaganza for this fall is all about pumas, blooming purple orchids and knee-length extra sexy pencil skirts; and it looks like the panthers of popculture have already adopted the look.

Rihanna sporting for Glamour magazine the scarf-print skirt my girl Natalia Vodianova was wearing during the runway show, Beyoncé rocking pansies-print F*** me pumps in a spectacular photoshoot for Dazed and Confused and last but not least, living legend Claudia Schiffer being ultra-feminine in this sexy pencil skirt; no wonder the collection is already sold out in most retailers with such ambassadors…

Dogmatic Givenchy.

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Riccardo Tisci never fails to amaze fashionistos all around the world. Before heading to Rio next summer, where we will wear insane pleated man skirts and birds of paradise all over our tees, let’s travel to the West Coast of America, and get some of these incredible rottweiler tee-shirts, autumn tartan shirts and those exquisite furry glasses.