Beyonce, Bad Girls, Bunny ears…

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It looks like multimillionnaire Beyonce is “a bad girl and her friends are bad too”. Okayyyy but, in the best parts of the video for her new single, the singer is wearing a fury coat by Louis Vuitton, indulging in Cheetos and dancing on the sink in her caravan; this not being our definition of a bad girl to be honest, but more likely our definition of an extremely cool fashion editorial.

The video features some light red D&G Gingham shorts mixed with animal prints, crazy Rodarte beaded boots, a look from last season’s Louis Vuitton china inspired collection, Birds of paradise prints on Givenchy leggings and sweater and of course those crazy bunny ears that were supposed to be buried somewhere really deep. Check this out!


It’s Britney, bitch!

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T-shirts dégoutants, crane rasé, cocktail cigarette-redbull-perruque rose et autres tubes phénoménaux; Mesdames et messieurs, puis-je vous présenter mon nouveau blog tumblr préféré: ou les vestiges des années délurées 2007/2008 d’une des plus grandes icônes pop.

Stained tees, shaved heads, cigarette-redbull-pink wig cocktail and some incredible songs; Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to my new favorite tumblr blog: or the remains of one of the most iconic popstars’crazy years.


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New Koda Kumi track made its debut on japanese radio few days ago. Epicness.

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